samsung galaxy s9 specs.

screen type  : 5.80 inch  qhd display camera      : 12 mp rear camera + 2mp @1080p video  ,


honor 7x the budget king

Huawei has released the budget Android smartphone honor 7x.It is a big improvement compared to the previously build honor 6x.Honor

Jurassic world 2:Fallen kingdom(2018) trailer and cast

NEW trailer of the jurassic world 2:fallen kingdom (2018) has been teased in the internet featuring chris phatt.stay tuned for

Avengers infinity war release date.

The film likely to release on may 1st week.The highly anticipated marvels Avengers infinity war is all set to release


Gal Gadot says she won’t be acting on  the sequal of  the film wonder women 2 unless the director of

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